From April 2020 Go Play has a couple of new projects. Some of last year’s activities with other new ones too. The project will aim to allow the children Opportunities to Achieve, Thrive and Succeed. The children will have different sporting opportunities, music with drummers, visits from the emergency services, going to Trenchard Museum, walks through Wendover Woods, Go Ape and many other fun activities.  Lunches, snacks and drinks will be provided throughout the day.

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The Dining Hall

Here the children are able to choose calm activities where they are given a chance to sit down. The children could choose from a wide range of activities including Hama Beads, painting, role play and a quiet read in the reading corner. The children also have access to a snack throughout the day.

The Field (Weather Dependent)

A large, open, secure area, the field is a great place for your child to let off some steam. They have a chance to play many different games, like capture the flag, have athletic tournaments, playing football, or even having a rest in the sun (with sun protection). 

With this large accessible area, the children can access a range of free flow activities, meaning they are always engaged. They will be given a chance to engage with their peers and to develop their understanding of diversity.  All activities support the children’s development and are planned along with the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS) and Every Child Matters (in line with Ofsted).



The Hall 

This large hall is versatile and used for a wide range of physical activities. The children could do somersaults,  use the gym equipment or have a fast action game of dodgeball. At the end of a busy week the children could be given the opportunity to watch a movie on the big screen.

At Go Play we offer a wide range of activities that the children have free, supervised access to throughout the day. All these activities will support them in their development, whilst they are still having fun and can make new friends. Each holiday we have a theme week where there will be activities planned that are based around them, but there will always be chance to have the regular activities. These have all been recommended by the children throughout the years.


Hama beads, loom bands, painting, junk modelling, paper crafts, hair braiding and face painting.

Games and Toys

Cars, farms, train tracks, roleplay, dolls, dress up, den building, Monopoly, dominos, draughts, Jenga, chess, Kerplunk and cards.


Football, dodge balls (soft balls), gym, badminton and rounders.

Circle Games

Duck duck goose, wink murder and splat.


Cakes, sandwiches, pizzas, biscuits and salsa.

These are only a few activities that happen at Go Play and the staff are always interested to try out the ideas of the children.   


​Please find some of our policies. These and other policies can be given as a printed version on request.





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Go Play is run by Southcourt and Walton Court Community Project.

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